Forging a Career in Data Science

  1. Experience in a language which was relatively new to the industry
  2. Experience manipulating real-life messy data
  3. A degree that blended the quant with business — and made me more strategic than the next quant
  4. A flair for academic writing and a master of interpreting graphs and charts
  5. And because of my personal interest in financial markets, an understanding of credit and market risk, far greater than most experienced folks in the market in the aftermath of 2008
  1. I know the theory behind most of the algorithms and understand them well enough to teach the non-technical clients we had
  2. I have mastered the art of PowerPoint storytelling and could speak data in normal English
  3. I loved to strategize and was good at it
  4. I love to talk to people about themselves and their business problems
  5. I love finding data-led solutions to business problems
  • Start my own firm — I couldn’t afford this at the time
  • Join a pure-play data science consulting firm — Being location-sensitive, I found only 3 players who matched what I wanted to do in London. All of them were too new and I was worried about my mortgage.
  • Set up and build a data science team in industry — This is what I ended up doing, and am currently at this job heading a data science team.
  • What is my core Data Science skill set?
  • Do I enjoy programming and want to take the freelance route? Or do I see myself in a big corporate?
  • How much do I care about having an impact on society?
  • What are my other strengths besides Data Science?
  • And how can I combine these strengths to differentiate myself in the market?
  • How much hands-on vs management do I want now; in 2 years, in 10 years?
  • How important is money?
  • Do I enjoy being in the limelight? What are my boundaries?
  • Do I care about remote working or do I want a fancy riverside office, working for a reputable organisation?
  • How important is technical autonomy vs being on the cutting edge of tech?
  • In the past, how easily have I been bored? Do I anticipate the same if I became/am an expert in the particular type of technology (NLP / Computer vision etc.)?
  • What do I think as a skill set I need to acquire between now and age 50, to achieve my ambitions?




Strategist, Data Scientist: 75% | Quirk champion: 100% | Founder @ |

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Sudeshna Sen

Sudeshna Sen

Strategist, Data Scientist: 75% | Quirk champion: 100% | Founder @ |

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